Friday, October 16, 2009

Deal Breaker

I have nothing note-worthy or poignant to say this week..... well said from my mouth. I've decided to post an interesting bit of reading instead, one which I believe directly mirrors my thoughts. It comes from the book "8 Theories of Ethics:"

Socrates and the Swine:

"We can imagine a pig whose life is pretty well filled with swinish pleasures and we can imagine a Socrates whose intellectual achievements, though enormous, have resulted in the frustrating perception that his greatest achievement is to appreciate just how little he knows. The pig is satisfied and Socrates is dissatisfied, so that hedonism would appear to commend the life of the pig. But John Stuart Mill thought it obvious (as most of us would probably agree) that the life of a Socrates dissatisfied is better than the life of a pig satisfied. This must lead us to wonder how any appeal to pleasure as the sole thing which is good in itself could explain the difference. In an attempt at explanation, Mill introduced a distinction between higher and lower pleasures. Pleasure is indeed the touchstone of value, he thought, but some pleasures are better than others."

Some times.... most of the time..... I think of myself as Socrates, not in the sense of someone who is magnificent and wise, but complex and dissatisfied, wanting desperately to find simplicity and pleasure in the simple swine things in life. Oh, how I wish I were a pig.

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  1. Just apply the Buddhist teachings you're also studying and transcend the need for needs. There is no satisfaction or dissatisfaction in Nirvana.